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The Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal put into service by TAV Airports based on Construct - Operate - Transfer scheme in September, 2006, with its modern and environment-friendly identity is providing services truly suitable for the Aegean pearl - Izmir.

“Izmir and its nearby surroundings hold huge passenger potential. In recent years we have been working to reflect increase marked in the domestic terminal to the international terminal and transform Izmir into a center of attraction of the region.”
General Manager of TAV Izmir

The area of expertise of Erkan BalcI, serving in the sector of Build-Operate-Transfer model terminal operations since 1998, is Civil Engineering. He stated that he opened his eyes in terminals. Previously he served as IT Chief, IT Project Manager and Operations Manager for local and international projects. Later on, he got acquainted with TAV Airports and in 2006 was appointed as an Assistant General Manager of TAV Izmir. In 2009 he was appointed to the position of the General Manager of TAV Izmir. Erkan BalcI stated that they have succeeded to earn an international appreciation for demonstration of environmental sensitivity by fulfilling the necessity of Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport to become a modern and contemporary airport.

Terminal Area: 108,000 sq. m.
Car Park Area: 69,168 sq. m.
Duty Free Area: 6.606 sq. m.
Food and Beverage Area: 4,891 sq. m.
Car Park Capacity: 2.237 vehicles

Check-in Counter: 66 units
Passport Control Cabins (Departures Floor): 18 cabins
Passport Control Cabins (Arrivals Floor): 16 cabins
Bridges: 9
Busgates: 8

The Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal, which introduced a new dimension to the capacity of tourism and commercial sectors of the Aegean region, has been providing services to the region since 2006. The terminal reflecting TAV Airports’ intense experience in airport operation is playing the main part in terms of the region’s development objectives.
TAV, which is completing the term specified in the previous bid in 2015, is also aiming to achieve success in a new tender to be announced for the Adnan Menderes Airport. TAV Izmir is performing its duties with 185 people led by the General Director Erkan BalcI within the framework of the concept “We Are a Family!” which was adopted by all TAV organizations and establishments.

The annual passenger capacity of Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport International and Domestic Terminals prior to the launch of Bodrum and Dalaman Airports constituted 3 million passengers for the period from 1987 to 1990. However, after the start of operation of the abovementioned airports close to popular holiday destinations such as Marmaris and Bodrum, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport lost one part of its passenger profile.
According to 2009 figures, Adnan Menderes Airport served 850 thousand departing and 842 thousand arriving passengers only in the international terminal making approximately 1 million 650 thousand passengers in total. It hosts approximately 57 airline companies flying to 75 different destinations. Precedence of these airline companies in terms of the total number of passengers carried by them is as follows: SunExpress Airlines, Pegasus Airlines, Onur Air, Lufthansa Airlines, Cyprus Turkish Airlines, and British Airways. The most popular destination is Germany

The General Manager Erkan BalcI stated that since the launch of Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal they have been working and conducting various activities to boost passenger traffic. According to him, all three profiles, namely “touristic journeys”, “ethnical tours” and “business trips” that are airports’ cardinal passenger profiles, are present in Izmir and thus the terminal possesses a huge potential. BalcI continued his speech as follows: “This year Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport took the fourth position in terms of the total passenger traffic in domestic and international terminals. Its predecessors were Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Antalya Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport. For the first time it succeeded to beat Ankara Esenboga Airport. Significant increase was marked in domestic terminal and we expect that it will also be reflected by the International Terminal. To facilitate this objective we are conducting various activities; e.g. in order to encourage passengers travelling abroad from Anatolia to fly not from Istanbul but from Izmir, we have initiated some endeavors in cooperation with public institutions and airline companies. Currently Germany is the leading destination in terms of flight volume, while flights to Athens that have been continuing for a year now, became a significant step in this sense. Izmir traffic will be positively affected as long as similar destination alternatives emerge.”

As part of Izmir promotions, TAV Izmir initiated foundation of the “Destination Izmir” group that has been in operation since 2006 and harboring travel agencies, hotels, airline companies. Members of “Destination Izmir”, backed with the support from the Municipality and the notables of Izmir, joined their forces to facilitate Izmir’s publicity and are striving to promote its popularity abroad by promoting Izmir on all tourism exhibitions, welcoming foreign journalists and travel operators.
To boost the potential of ethnic travelers, the works on destinations attracting the families of workmen employed in Germany and Balkan immigrants residing in Izmir are carried out in cooperation with various airline companies. Erkan BalcI also noted that Bodrum and Dalaman Airports situated in Muğla province are serving a great number of English tourists and stated that the company is making endeavors to persuade these tourists heading to KuşadasI to fly not from Bodrum but from Izmir, which is much closer to this destination. At this point it is necessary to work closely with each link of the long chain comprising of hotels, travel agencies and tour operators. Erkan BalcI added that Çeşme is a new Bodrum and drew attention to the fact that Bodrum was first discovered by local tourists followed by flow of foreigners. Consequently, local tourist boom seen in Çeşme in recent years can be a base for prediction that it will become a popular travel destination for foreign tourists.
Terminal Operations Manager Tayfun Sezer reminded that in 2009 THY conveyed 250,000 passengers from Izmir to Istanbul and from Istanbul to abroad and continued as follows: “It is a huge figure. If these passengers could fly abroad directly from Izmir, the number of our passengers from Istanbul abroad would easily exceed 2 million. In summer season THY conducts direct flights to Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, but in yearly bases their numbers decrease making them almost non-existing. But we can increase the number of our passengers with direct flights.”

Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport stepped forward again with environmental awareness awards received during the past months. The airport was announced as the second airport in Europe and the first one in Turkey to be accepted for the Airport Carbon Accreditation program initiated by the Airports Council International (ACI). The General Manager Erkan BalcI stated that carbon accreditation was the result of an essential vision implemented throughout TAV and continued as follows: “The world’s leading countries started taking measures to prevent global pollution. Very significant sanctions will be enforced subsequent to signing of Kyoto Protocol by Turkey. Prior to commencement of these sanctions, we have initiated serious measures to reduce the damage we are causing to the environment. In the past, the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO), highly impressed by our environmental efforts, granted us the “Special Environmental Award”. Later, the ACI (Airports Council International) launched its carbon accreditation program for airport industry. We completed the works in considerably short period of time, applied for this program and were entitled for carbon accreditation. At the Doha Aviation Summit gathering leaders in aviation Izmir Airport was honored with the “Environment-Friendly Airport” award. Pursuant to the requirement of the contract made with the General Directorate of State Airports Authority of Turkey (DHM) we are obliged to collect entire waste within airport borders. With regard to this issue we have concluded agreements with Gaziemir Municipality and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. In the scope of the Management System that we carry out we divide collected waste into recyclable and domestic wastes. We are proud to take our position among the world leaders as an organization with an established awareness of the environment and sustainable recovery. During construction of the International Terminal we ultimately planted 100,000 new trees. Our works on this issue are still going on. In past months, within the scope of our cooperation with the Aegean Forest Foundation we launched the project namely “TAV Izmir Reserve Forest”. On our employees’ special days such as birthdays and wedding days we plant a tree for each event.”

As part of an “Effective Energy Management Programme” it is aimed to achieve the highest efficiency with the lowest possible energy use, while compromising nothing of passenger comfort. Prior to the project the energy consumption constituted 18 million kW/hour, while at present we are using 15.5 million kW/hour of electricity.

TAV Izmir Technical Manager Necdet Büyükbay is employed at TAV Izmir since 2005. He is in charge of entire technical units including electricity, electronics, building maintenance, mechanical installations, mechanical systems, purchasing department, storage facilities and environmental engineering and supervises a team of 73 people.
Necdet Büyükbay gave us the following information about carbon accreditation: “We have calculated carbon dioxide emission within the International Terminal and got it accredited by the Airport Council International. Annually we produce 6,200 tons of carbon dioxide. Calculation was only the first stage. Now we are gradually trying to reduce it.”
Furthermore, as part of an “Effective Energy Management Program” TAV Izmir is aiming to achieve the highest efficiency with the lowest possible energy consumption, while compromising nothing of passenger comfort. Necdet Büyükbay stated: “Two years ago our energy consumption constituted 18 million kW/hour, while at present we are using 15.5 million kW/hour of electricity, which is a significant progress. With these terms we are regarded as the most energy efficient organization of the Aegean region.”

TAV Izmir Administrative Affairs and Personnel Chief and a member of the group of TAV Izmir founders Tufan Tabak is leading a team consisting of 14 people. The Administrative Affairs Team is striving to ease the life of employees working within the terminal by involving its expertise in providing administrative services and dealing with the staff’s personal issues. Tabak drew our attention to the fact that the airline is the point where private and official organizations merge and continued his speech as follows: “Besides our own employees, we provide services to the official institutions operating within our terminal and meet their certain needs. Within the scope of the activities of administrative affairs unit, we are making all efforts to facilitate smooth provision of all services ranging from giving the employees’ personal rights to ensuring home-to-work transportation and food services.”
Tabak informed that they have carried out several social activities and projects aimed at enhancing employees’ motivation and sense of belonging and continued as follows: “To boost our personnel’s social life and keep the team spirit alive we are establishing social activity clubs such as fishing, folklore, dance and chess clubs. Moreover, we organize computer based football tournaments. Our colleagues prepare themselves for these tournaments with great enthusiasm. We also make agreements with various external companies to provide our employees with an opportunity to benefit from special price and service privileges. Within the framework of “Our Place” project conducted in cooperation with 112 organizations located in Izmir and its nearby surroundings, our employees were provided with benefits for a range of products and service.

TAV Izmir Accounting Chief Mustafa Ayvaz is serving at TAV Izmir since 2006. He is in charge of Income Unit, Accounting and Financial departments making a team of 9 people in total. His team is responsible for preparation of TAV Izmir’s all financial reports and tables and execution of operations. Ayvaz stated: “After construction stage we proceeded to operation, we went through a highly intensive period of establishment, structuring and activation of accounting operations. Since the system was securely put into operation, we have been carrying out more standard works directed to fulfillment of our duties in the most correct manner.”


BTA Catering Manager
Şeref Çoban, serving in BTA Catering at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport since 2008, has a ten year experience in food industry. Previously, Çoban was employed as a country manager by the food company located in Canada. He stated that now he is utterly proud to serve with his team in Izmir and continued as follows: “Izmir BTA Catering Services provides services in 15 areas including VIP sphere. We are also in charge of the management of our affiliate company Cakes & Bakes. We designed our outlet stores and products in a way that facilitates provision of services appealing to our customers from England, France and other countries in Northern Europe. We have targeted to achieve the best quality in Beerport, Millennium Lounge and kiosks, which are in a position of the first and last stops for arriving and departing passengers correspondingly. In Izmir we serve a special product - an apple, cinnamon and walnut tart called “Tarçbeni”. For all our products we are conducting extremely meticulous purchasing processes and diligent works with food engineers and experienced chefs. Our entity possesses all ISO 90001:2000 and ISO 22000:2005 certificates used in production and service sectors. We never forget to serve our customers with a smile and for this purpose we frequently conduct in-house trainings. In out-seasonal period the total number of served plates is 50,000, while during in-low-season period it reaches nearly 120,000. Our Izmir team is employing all its efforts to provide all our passengers with the best and in the best way.”

ATÜ Izmir Operations Manager
Onur Soncu, serving in ATÜ since 2000, formerly participated in operations held in Istanbul, Iran, and Ankara. Soncu informed that with his team they provide services in seven sections located in the shopping territory with the total area of 1,686 sq. m. with a range of more than 6,300 products and continued: “We offer our services in five and two sections located on the departures and arrivals floors correspondingly. Cigarettes and tobacco, beauty products, drinks, chocolate and sweets are among our most popular products. During in-seasonal period our team reaches 120 people, while in out-seasonal period 95 people are enough to handle operations. Every year we conduct enormous work to update and diversify our product range in accordance with passenger profiles and trends.”

Izmir TAV Private Security Coordinator
Caner BahçekapIlI retired on a pension after six years of work as a Security Manager at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. Subsequently he was appointed by TAV Izmir as a private security coordinator. BahçekapIlI is a manager who knows well how to transfer his many years experience to his team. He informed “At Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport we provide our services with a team of 270 security officers. Pursuant to the provisions of the Law No. 5188, we choose our personnel among certified candidates that have successfully completed private security trainings. Prior to commencement of their duties they participate in our Civil Aviation Security trainings. As a team, we are in charge of providing security of the international terminal. Security of the domestic terminal is ensured by the Private Security and Airport Security Branch Office of the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI). We certainly consider the airport as one whole and demonstrate required attention and accuracy.”

Havaş Izmir Station Manager
Aylin Tavan, highly experienced General Manager of Havaş Izmir Station, has been working in Havaş since 1997. During first years of her career she was employed in the position of a dispatcher at Ankara Station. Tavan, who served as a Passenger Services Dispatch Manager at Dalaman Airport in 2002, in August 2009 was appointed for a Tunisian Project. During the same period Aylin Tavan took the position of Havaş Izmir Station General Manager. She informed that with her team they make all efforts to provide best services in Izmir and continued: “This year we have targeted to serve 8,000 aircrafts. Apart from national flag carriers, we also offer our best services to tourism and workmen charters. Izmir holds a huge cargo potential. We support transfer of arriving passengers with our bus services. Passenger Services Dispatch Office, Ramp and Cargo Office, Technical and Logistics Stewardship, and Personnel Accounting Department are the units under my supervision. Depending on frequency of flights, in winter season our team consists of 180 people, while in summer period it exceeds 200.”

TAV Izmir’s Family Power

Transportation Officer
“I have been working in TAV Izmir since September, 2006. I am executing duties of the General Manager’s driver under supervision of the Administrative Affairs Unit. Since my early age, I had worked in numerous places, but I learnt the true meaning of the word “professionalism” when I joined the TAV Family. I am benefiting from advantages of working with an organization that gives an importance to personal development programs. With regard to this matter, I am continuing my education in the Open Learning Management Faculty.”

Assistant General Manager
“I have been serving as an Assistant General Manager since 2005, when TAV Izmir was at the stage of construction. After graduation from Archeological Department of the Aegean University I was employed by the corporate company involved in communication sector. Communication is a significant and integral part of life. My communication skills are affecting my job in a positive way and I perform my duties lovingly. Occasionally, I try to integrate my education with the work. For instance, when the question of promoting the ancient city of Claros, discovered near Gümüldür, Izmir, was raised as part of the works carried out by “Destination Izmir” group, I provided required support based on my knowledge on history and archaeology.”

Information Officer
“I have been serving in TAV Izmir for two and a half years. First, I worked as an operator and subsequently was transferred to the information desk. Giving information on flights and directing passengers are my duties. I know that I have to serve passengers with a smile and be patient and I believe that I am successful in it. I like being a part of the TAV Family, as it is an organization that creates growth opportunities for its employees and provides them various advantages.”

Baggage Control Officer
“I have been working in TAV Izmir since it was launched. Within the framework of our system consisting of 64 cameras, 12 monitors and 7 computers we control and inspect a 7,200 sq. m. area. We are in charge of baggage starting from their acceptance from counters up to the moment of their transfer down the baggage shoot. Our objective is to ensure that the baggage is correctly conveyed to the baggage-handling company from the baggage shoots. I am glad to be with TAV Izmir. For us it means security and future.”

Construction and Repair Unit: Shift Supervisor
“I have been serving in TAV Izmir since 2006. I monitor and control all construction, maintenance, restoration, repair and modification works carried out within the terminals. Breakdown/failure reports submitted to the TOC (Terminal Operation Center) are then conveyed to me. We arrive to the problematic areas with the suitable team of foremen and provide prompt solutions to the problems. I am glad to be a part of the TAV Family.”

Mechanical Systems Unit - Shift Supervisor
“I joined the TAV Family in 2006. As a team under the supervision of the Technical Management, we are in charge of mechanical systems including baggage handling system, passenger boarding bridges, 36 elevators, 26 escalators and 26 moving ramps. Our objective is to ensure the prompt and effective provision of maintenance and repair works and increase customer satisfaction.”

Electrical Technician
“I got acquainted with TAV Airports during my work at ANEL Electric Company, which undertook the electrical work of Ataturk Airport in 2004. I joined Izmir team when TAV Izmir was launched in 2006. We are responsible for continuous provision of the electricity to the aprons, terminals, car park and power plant and ensuring power transformer maintenance. I am glad to be a member of the TAV Family.”

Mechanical Installations: Shift Supervisor
“I have been serving in TAV Izmir since its construction. We strive to provide continuous operation of entire equipment such as heating, cooling, air conditioning systems that ensure the passengers and employees’ comfort. Apart from in-service trainings we also participate in relevant trainings through TAV Academy, thus, we are constantly improving ourselves. Moreover, we regularly have updated trainings on occupational health and safety, and intradepartmental information exchange.”

Chief Information Processing Officer
“I graduated from the Aviation Electrical and Electronics department of the Anatolian University Civil Aviation Academy and later on earned my postgraduate degree on Maintenance Technologies. I have been working with TAV Airports since 2006. I also participated in Esenboga Airport and Enfidha projects. I have been serving as a Chief Information Processing Officer in TAV Izmir since December, 2009. We are in charge of providing continuous operation of information processing systems serving terminal passengers and airline companies. I am proud to be a part of the TAV Family that follows a principle of providing services in compliance with international standards.”

Car Park Information Processing Officer
“I have been serving in TAV Izmir for three and a half years. Our international terminal car park has a capacity of 2,311 cars. Currently it is operating with only 20% of its capacity. We are responsible for preparation of daily, monthly and annual reports on car entrance and departures and carrying out subscription operations. Our objective is to meet the needs of everyone, who passes through Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, in car park facilities in the best way and ensure customer satisfaction. I am happy to work in TAV and I continue to improve myself, so that I will be more useful for the TAV structure.”

Electronics Technician
“I have been working for TAV Izmir since December, 2006. Formerly I served as a Chief Radar Officer in Istanbul Ataturk Airport under the supervision of the General Directorate of State Airports Authority of Turkey (DHM). Currently we are in charge of periodic maintenance and inspection of all electronic systems located in Izmir terminals. I am also responsible for repair of all electronic cards of the terminal. I am glad to be a member of the TAV Family.”

Press and Public Affairs Officer
“I received an education on radio and television. I have been serving as a Press and Public Affairs Officer in the Department of Corporate Communication of TAV Izmir for three years. One of my primary objectives is to provide the best publicity for TAV, an airport operator, and enhance sense of belonging within the organization. I am also honored and proud to be a part of the TAV Family.

Assistant Customer Relationship Manager
“I have been serving in TAV Izmir since its establishment. Customer Relationship Management is one of the primary issues for TAV Airports. Our objective is to ensure that the passengers, their friends and relatives, airline companies, trading companies, and employees receive the best services before and after flights. We are striving to maximize the level of satisfaction and are aimed at increasing the level of customer satisfaction, which is currently at 88-89%, over 90%. I perform my duties lovingly, as I like communicating with people.”

Terminal Operations Officer
“We are in charge of ensuring continuous provision of services rendered within the terminals and assuring customer satisfaction. For this purpose, we communicate with and coordinate all units within the terminals including Security and Customs offices and handling companies. I am making all endeavors to improve myself and hope to be with TAV in its future airlines.

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